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Gearhead Auto Services is also known for its specialty car division as well as it’s everyday car division. We know that your specialty car should be fun and enjoyable to drive, and that you shouldn’t have to worry if you’re going to get stuck or break down every time you want to go for a ride.  We treat these cars as if they were our own, with the same care, concern and quality we use to maintain and modify our own cars.

My personal car is heavily modified but built to enjoy and be reliable.  We took it on the Hot Rod power Tour in 2007, a 7 day road trip, driving from Cleveland, OH to Little Rock, AK and non-stop back to Ohio.  Over 2000 miles in 7 days, that is what your specialty car should be able to do! Nick M.

Our Services

We provide everything from basic maintenance to complete customization.

  • Tune up and points to electronic conversion
  • Mechanical repair
  • Suspension and Alignment service and upgrades
  • Engine and Transmission service and rebuilding
  • Brake system maintenance, repair and upgrades, single circuit to safer dual circuit master cylinders
  • Drive train repairs
  • Custom driveshafts and driveshaft repairs
  • Rear end (differential) rebuilds and modifications (posi units and gear changes)
  • Fuel system repairs, fuel tank repairs, electric or mechanical fuel pumps
  • Fuel Injection conversion, modification and repairs
  • Supercharger and turbo charger installation, repairs and upgrades
  • Oil and lube service

Our Portfolio

Solutions for parts that don’t exist!

What do we do when a part is no longer available for a classic or muscle car?  We fabricate a part to do the job!

Check out this pulley from a ’52 Chevy Sedan.  It didn’t come with power steering and came in with an aftermarket power steering pump.  The place that installed it put on a belt that just wouldn’t do the job.  So we fabricated a solution from a double pulley that would take both a “skinny” and a wide belt to match their respective pump and generator.  An unconventional mounting on our Bridgeport did the trick!

Handicap Van Suspension Repair

We had a long time customer whose handicap van suspension rusted out and became too dangerous to drive. We devised a plan to repair it and get them back on the road and out of the house. Watch how we drew up plans from scratch to repair the suspension and get the wheel chair bound husband out of the house!
Thanks to ProperParts.com for the 3D printing and
ACWeld.com for the laser cutting of the steel for this project.

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